Children of the Night

20 Sep - 10:15pm
23 Sep - 8:00pm

Introverted 17-year-old Giulio is sent to an elite boarding school in the Alps, where ironclad rules limit all contacts with the outside, and all students are constantly under surveillance by the administration. Giulio bonds with the rebellious Edoardo, with whom he routinely sneaks off to a lascivious nightclub in the forest. But what they don’t know is that their transgressions are part of the school’s educational programme. Andrea De Sica, the grandson of legendary director Vittorio De Sica, delivers a twisted coming-of- age story tinged with horror elements in his feature debut that defies convention.

2017 Italian Silver Ribbon Awards, Best New Director

Italy 2016 85min
Dir: Andrea De Sica
Cast: Vincenzo Crea, Ludovico Succio, Fabrizio Rongione