22 Sep - 7:30pm
24 Sep - 12:30pm

A man wakes up one morning with an irritating ringing in his ear, and finds a note saying: “Your friend Luigi is dead.” The problem is: Who is Luigi? And so begins a tragicomic day going through a succession of Kafkaesque encounters: a nun being beaten senseless by an angry widow; a doctor who makes him think he is pregnant with a baby; and his mother madly kissing her new boyfriend on the street. Everyone around him seems to be acting weird. But as he experiences the world’s absurdity in search of who Luigi is, he discovers the purpose of life and a connection with reality.

2016 Venice Film Festival, Young Cinema Award, Best Film

Italy 2016 90min
Dir: Alessandro Aronadio
Cast: Daniele Parisi, Silvia D'Amico, Rocco Papaleo