Life is Beautiful

21 Sep - 7:30pm
23 Sep - 12:30pm

Life is so beautiful when the goofy Guido steals the lovely bride Dora, albeit all of a sudden they are taken to a WWII concentration camp. To shelter his infant son from the horrors of Nazism, Guido cleverly incorporates everything, from the barking guards to the tattooed prisoner number, into an elaborate game where points are awarded for good behavior. Barely escaping from the gas chamber, his son finally realizes the hope of winning an armored tank. Ingeniously blending humor and poignancy into the hell of the Holocaust, Benigni proves to be Italy’s most gifted comedian in this multi-award winning tragicomedy.

1998 Cannes Film Festival, Grand Prize of the Jury
1999 Academy Awards, Best Foreign Language Film and Best Actor in a Leading Role

Italy 1997 116min
Dir: Roberto Benigni
Cast: Roberto Benigni, Nicoletta Braschi, Giorgio Cantarini