Magical Nights

14 SEP - 9:45PM
22 SEP - 7:30PM

A renowned film producer is found dead in the river Tiber, the main suspects are three young aspiring screenwriters, who have met in Rome as the finalists of a screenwriting competition. In the course of one night in the police station, they go through their tumultuous, emotional and ironic journey in the streets of Rome, in the final throes of the glorious era of the great Italian cinema. After his first English-language effort The Leisure Seeker (2017), veteran director Paolo Virz returns to familiar territory with an homage to Italian cinema that’s absolutely funny, and bittersweet at heart.

Dir: Paolo Virzì
Italy 2018 125min DCP
Cast: Mauro Lamantia, Giovanni Toscano, Irene Vetere