Romulus & Remus: The First King

13 SEP - 7:30PM
22 SEP - 3:00PM

800 BC, shepherds Romulus and Remus are 18-year-old twin brothers living in peace near the Tiber river. Convinced that he is bigger than gods’ will, Remus believes he is meant to become king of the city he and his brother will found. But their tragic destiny is already written. This incredible journey will lead these two brothers to create one of the greatest empires the world has ever seen, Rome. Real stunts, natural lighting and proto-Italic language – Matteo Rovere (Italian Race, Cine Italiano! 2016) ambitiously reconstructs the epic tale of the founding of Rome with flesh and bone.

2019 Silver Ribbon Awards: Best Cinematography and Best Sound



Dir: Matteo Rovere
Italy/Belgium 2019 127min DCP
Cast: Alessandro Borghi, Alessio Lapice, Fabrizio Rongione