The War of the Yokels

23 Sep - 9:45pm
24 Sep - 2:30pm

In a long hot summer in a southern Italian village, a war is rekindled between two gangs. “The Yokels”, the poor kids, carry out a series of disruptive invasions in a plan to win over domination from “The Masters”, children of wealthy families. Things start to change when the leader of the Masters falls in love with a humble girl from the other side. A cross between Lord of the Flies and The War of the Buttons , the film, based on the novel by Carlo D’Amicis, is a rambunctious mixture of social satire, perilous adventure and the emotional turbulence of youth.

Italy 2017 97min
Dir: Davide Barletti, Lorenzo Conte
Cast: Pasquale Patruno, Letizia Pia Cartolaro, Donato Paterno